Lelito’s Legacy Foundation launches Anatomy of an Athlete; a physical and mental health program for the athletic community.

Founder Tim Lelito created Lelito’s Legacy Foundation 3 years ago with a goal to not only help provide opportunities for kids to participate in sports programs, but to also educate the athletes on becoming a better version of themselves. Besides sharing stories of his athletic achievements, Tim is often asked by parents how to handle the inevitable injuries, mental stresses, and keeping your grades on track while performing well as an athlete. It is within these conversations that Tim realized the need to remind the young athletes and their guardians that your health and well-being should always come first…and the Anatomy of an Athlete program was born.

Anatomy of an Athlete is a program designed by Lelito’s Legacy Foundation to bring awareness and create a culture within the student athletic community on the importance of physical and mental health while participating in sports. The program will umbrella a series of events that will inform the athletes, parents, coaches, and educators on the health-related topics and issues concerning the athletes Brain, Body & Fuel intake.

The first event under the program is a seminar focused on the topic of the Brain, and most commonly, concussions. As a foundation that works in the world of sports concussions aren’t a “if it happens” it is a “when” and can occur during all sport practices or games. Lelito’s Legacy Foundation wants to educate all that they can on how to help identify a possible concussion and how to play an active role in recovery.

“Over the years, the pressure to do well in multiple sports, at school, at home and deal with the everyday stresses of life weighs on these kids. It’s affecting their health and there has to be something we can do about it.” – Tim Lelito

Tim and his foundation are partnering with Henry Ford Macomb Hospital’s Sports Medicine Team for the first event under the program name; hosting a FREE seminar on Monday, September 9th at the RESA Administration Building at 7pm and are encouraging coaches and athletes of any sport along their parents to attend. Seating is limited, and registration is required. Please register HERE.

For more information on this event and many others under the Anatomy of an Athlete program, please follow Lelito’s Legacy Foundation Facebook page.