Pay to Play Grants

Breaking financial barriers for deserving youth.

Since the creation of Lelito’s Legacy Foundation in 2016, we have granted out a total of $30,000 to high schools and middle schools across St. Clair County. These funds help support student athletes that have a financial disadvantage. Most schools now require parents to pay a fee that at times can range from $50 to $175 just to participate in a school sport. As these fees are important to the longevity of the sports programs, it can create a financial struggle for many parents and force kids to miss out on the opportunity. Lelito’s Legacy Foundation envisions a safe and inclusive sports community for all, and no child should be left out of a game due to costs. 


If you are a family in need of support, you may contact us by emailing or speaking with your schools Athletic Director. We work directly with the schools to help us succeed in the allocation of the funds distributed. There are always other ways the schools try to help those in need, if not from our donations. We urge all parents and players to speak up if they need help. If your child wants to play, we will find a way!