Teams will consist of 2 to 4 players per vehicle

Cost is $120 a team

Must register by June 20th, 2021

– Legal Driver
– No less than 2 players, no more than 4 players a team per vehicle
– Registered Vehicle
– Smartphone, or 2
Teams will use an app on their smartphone to be sent on “missions” to earn points. Missions will consist of answering questions, solving riddles, finding locations, completing tasks and taking pictures or videos! We will have twist and turns along the way!
At least 1 member on every team must have a valid drivers license & car to take part in the event. The topics and challenges in the game are geared toward a high school education level and higher. Due to the length of time in the vehicle and the amount of times you would be getting in and out of the car can make this event difficult for children of lower age, but are still welcome if you think they got what it takes!
The locations you may need to visit to earn points are ALL within St. Clair County. Teams will have 3 hours (5pm to 8pm) to solve as many riddles, complete as many tasks and find locations to earn as many points as they can! The top 3 teams with the highest points will receive a medal and prize package!